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Professor Ming Pang (Heming Pang) is a renowned Chinese qigongist. His development was nurtured and influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially acupuncture, as well as qigong and the martial arts, the practice of which he commenced in early childhood. and which subsequently continued under the tutelage of 19 Grandmasters.

As a medical expert, he was invited to attend the 1979 Symposium on The Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, and the 1980 Symposium on the Fundamental Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, held by the Ministry of Public Health.

He was one of the initiators and organizers of the First National Convention on Qigong in July 1979; the first chigongist to initiate the founding of the Beijing Qigong Association at the end of 1979; one of the first chigongists who gave academic lectures on qigong in Beijing, commencing in 1979.

He was the first person to systematically sort out and summarize the theories and practice methods of traditional chigongs, in 1980; one of the first chigongists to compile and formulate the new theories and practice methods of the new chigongs, giving instruction in them in June 1980; the chief leading lecturer in the First National Qigong Teacher's Training Class, held by the China Federation of Trade Unions in 1980.

He was the first to teach the External-chi Technique, in the spring of 1981; the first to bestow the title of Qigong Science upon Qigong; and the first who scientifically and thoroughly clarified the nature of illusory practice-reactions coming under the description of "the real conflicting with the unreal", and their related phenomena, in 1988.