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Teachings and Writings


Professor Pang is the creator and inventor of Chi-field Technique, teaching and applying this pioneering method in 1984, and publicizing its theories and methods in 1986. He was one of the chief lecturers of the First National Study and Training Class on Qigong Theories at the end of 1984.

He was one of the founders of China Qigong Science Correspondence Institute; the chief lecturer for the first class of college-level chigong students at the Haidian Day University; one of the founders of China Qigong Association; the founder of the Theory of Unity of Consciousness and the Hunyuan Entirety Theory, publishing them in 1990(serial text book in nine volumes. An English translation book was published in October 1999.).

In 1997, he participated the compiling and composing of the National Teaching Program of Qigong Science. In 1998, he participated in the examining and approving work authorized by China Association of Qigong Science on fitness chigongs.